What's a CREAMR™?

CREAMR™ home ice cream maker is a 1.58qt home ice cream maker. It features a detachable, double-insulated freezer bowl and makes frozen treats fast.


What can I make with CREAMR™?

CREAMR™ can be used to make ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet.


How much ice cream does it make?

CREAMR™ features a 1.58-quart capacity.


How long does it take to make ice cream with CREAMR™?

CREAMR™ produces ice cream and other frozen treats in 15 to 25 minutes using a motorized arm and self-cooling.


How loud is it?

CREAMR™ produces 65 decibels of noise when operating.


Can I adjust the motion?

Yes, the motor can be reversed if necessary.


Is the bowl removable?

Yes, the bowl can be removed to cool and store ice cream away from the motor.


CREAMR™ home ice cream maker makes delicious treats in 25 minutes or less.

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